New Music: Bibi Bourelly – Ego

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I’m literally OBSESSED with this song right now and have listened to it about 50 times on repeat (seriously).


Bibi featuring in Nick Brewer recent hit, Talk To Me

If you’ve never heard of Bibi Bourelly before, she’s the now 21 year old that wrote Rihanna‘s hit, Bitch Better Have My Money at age 19, and you can definitely tell RiRi channelled Bibi’s swag from this song. Those rispy vocals, that don’t give a fvck attitude. I honestly wan’t to go and get a tattoo now and say F the world! HA

Bibi_Bourelly with Rihanna [www.ayshiaarmanionline.com]

Bibi with Rihanna

But seriously, this girl is definitely one to watch for 2016. She’s written music for the best in the game from LA to the UK and now she’s finally coming out with her own music which is great! I also like that she doesn’t look like the usual stereotypical thin, overly beautiful (not that she isn’t, but you know what I mean)young singer. She’s just a normal, pretty, girl who has amazing talent and doesn’t conform.

Bibi Bourelly [www.ayshiaarmanionline.com]

Have a listen to Ego below, along with her track Riot which is another great track. You may also recognise her from Nick Brewer‘s recent hit, Talk To Me featuring none other than Bibi Bourelly.

All videos below for you to have a listen to and fall in love with!

Bibi Bourelly – Ego


Bibi Bourelly – Riot


Nick Brewer – Talk To Me ft. Bibi Bourelly



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