Ayshia Armani Online Presenter [www.ayshiaarmanionline.com]Ayshia Armani Online is a popular entertainment blog covering the latest showbiz & celebrity topics, entertainment news, fashion, beauty and lifestyle. Featuring interviews with celebrities and rising stars, red carpet events, celebrity secrets & insider information, fashion & beauty tips, vlog’s, lifestyle trends and fun videos purely for your viewing pleasure. Ayshia Armani Online is… ‘The Ultimate Showbiz Diary‘.

Founded in 2011 under it’s original name Media Junkie Online before changing to simply AyshiaArmani.com, the site has gone through various changes and blossomed into what it is today. Launching officially as Ayshia Armani Online in 2015, the blog is a hub of all things entertainment and showbiz related with something for everyone.

Whether you like to hear about the latest trending topics, viral videos and shocking news stories from all over the world. Or maybe you just love general entertainment and enjoy reading about celebrities, their lifestyles and the latest fashion and beauty trends they’re following – you’ll definitely find something on the site to keep you entertained.

Brand Ethos

“Ayshia Armani Online is dedicated to creating bold, innovative and engaging celebrity-driven, digital content for an international audience. The aim is to create content, both visually and mentally stimulating, in order to inform, inspire and most importantly… entertain!” – Ayshia Armani

 For more information about the founder and woman behind the brand, Ayshia Armani, visit her official website: www.ayshiaarmani.com.

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