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I spoke to BAFTA Award winning actor Adam Deacon about his new horror film Comedown. Here’s what he had to say…

Q. So tell me a bit about the film…

Comedown is about a group of mates who are in an estate and they’re bored, they set up a pirate radio station and there’s one guy left on the estate who wont move out that basically doesn’t like these kids. He thinks they’re all street rats and that they should all be exterminated and it’s a bit of a cat and mouse film.

Q. Was there anything in particular when reading the script that made you want to be part of the film and take on the character?

Two things really, the fact that Hoods (Menhaj Huda) was directing it – I’m a really massive fan of what his done and also my death scene as well. I read it in the script and thought that it sounded pretty sick and I wanted to see how they were going to do it. I was just attracted to the fact that it was a horror film, yes I’ve done horror before but its been so long and it was nice to get back into it.

Q. Do you want to tell me a bit about the death scene, what happens?

I’m not allowed – they keep telling me off for talking about it.

Q. Come on, you must be able to tell me something?

I can’t you’ll have to watch it, but personally I think I have the best death scene.

Q. Do you die quite early in the film?

I’m like the token guy, they kill me off quite soon. They had enough of my screaming in the film and killed me off (smiles)

Q. What makes this film different from all of the Urban Films out there?

I think it’s all about your imagination. You watch these horror and slasher films and they’re always set in America or places that young people in the UK may not be able to relate to. So for this film, hopefully because it is set in an east London council estate, it could be one of those films where people think, oh no that could happen to us or we could be those kids and I just hope it’s a bit more real.

Q. The character in this film is very similar the characters you play in Adulthood, Kidulthood and Anuvahood. Has it been a conscious decision to play these types of roles?

We filmed this about a year and a half ago and I’d just come off the set of Anuvahood where I was planning Kenneth and he was a total idiot, a total loser. I mean I enjoyed it but this came straight after it where I could basically come back to a character like Jay from Kidulthood but who’s on a lot more drugs, a lot more crazy and lot more mad, so it was just nice to get back to that. I love playing the character of angry guys sometimes – I just love it and I enjoyed it. It involves a lot of shouting and when you’re feeling frustrated anyway you can just go on set and start beating people up.

url-1Q. Do you think that a lot of actors who do urban films end up getting pigeonholed within the industry?

I think that there aren’t many actors who don’t get pigeonholed. I mean if you look at the other side of it at people like Hugh Grant, he plays the same kind of roles.

Q. Do you feel like that’s happened to you?

I think if you do a part and you do it well you’re always going to get those kind of parts and I cant really complain because I went out of my way to be at the forefront of that change. I felt before films like Kidulthood I wasn’t seeing real characters on my TV screen or in film. They weren’t speaking like we do in Hackney, they weren’t wearing the same type of clothes; and so I made sure I was changing it up and wanted to make it quite real and authentic. So in a sense when I get offers those roles I feel as if I’ve done my job well.

Q. Do you ever feel like switching it up and playing a different type of character, maybe a romantic lead?

Well that’s the plan you know. It’s about taking what we’ve done and where we’ve started and taking it to new places, like you said romantic comedies. Michael Vu, my co-writer and I have got some new ideas that hopefully you’ve never seen anything like it before.

Q. What are the ideas?

I can’t go into the ideas (laughs) but what I will say is watch out because we’re all about changing it up.

Q. Is that what you’re working on right now that people can look out for?

Well, it’s a thing where you start being an actor and people will obviously ask you to do the same parts so the only way you can change that is by picking up a camera and writing it yourself and that’s where my head is at, at the moment. There’s a lot of characters I have in mind that will hopefully shock audiences and make them think oh, I haven’t seen Adam like this. That’s the plan. There’s only so much drug dealing characters you want to play so it’s all about step-by-step changing it up.

Q. What is one scene in the film that you think audiences will really enjoy?

There’s a scene with a lot of birds, and a hammer. We had to do the scene with hundreds of pigeons flying around and they were real – it was a bit nasty but hopefully that will be quite a memorable scene.

Comedown will be available on Blu-ray and DVD from March 11th 2013. You can FIND OUT MORE about the film by clicking HERE.

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