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On Friday I attended the launch of Ann Summers’ Show Them Some Love campaign in commemoration of Breast Cancer Awareness Month.

Kris Hallenga, Sam Faiers and Vanessa Gold

Sam Faiers with Coppafeel founder Kris Hallenga and Ann Summers’ Managing Director Vanessa Gold

The event was in collaboration with Coppafeel, a charity aimed at helping to raise awareness of breast cancer and more importantly, getting yourself checked and knowing what the initial signs of the disease are. The founder, Kris, gave such a touching speech about her experience with breast cancer (that she got at the tender age of 23) and explained why it’s so important to get yourself checked.


It really was a GREAT event that not only helped to promote awareness of the disease, but it was also really fun! (Which is not surprising, being at Ann Summers an all). Topless models in handcuffs, saucy goodybags consisting of boob-shaped stress balls and a “I <3 Boobs” mug (you can check my Instagram page to see what was inside) were some of the highlights of the night. Not to mention that we were all surrounded by adult toys and some of the kinkiest outfits you can probably buy in the UK.

Photo Credit: Laura [lauralaments.com]

Photo Credit: Laura [lauralaments.com]

The staff were so lovely and helpful, and as soon as I arrived, I was treated to some bubbly and then whisked off to the fitting rooms to get fitted for my free bra (Aren’t freebies the best?!).


Photo Credit: Laura [lauralaments.com]

The new face of the Ann Summers, Sam Faiers (Formerly of ‘The Only Way Is Essex’) also made an appearance half way through the night and took a few photos with organisers and the attendees. I managed to have a chat with her too… such a lovely girl and such a beaut too.

Sam Faiers

Freebies and celeb appearances aside, it was great night for breast cancer awareness and I urge you all, men and women to go and have a look at the Coppafeel website: coppafeel.org. Breast cancer is such a deadly, horrible disease that kills so many women AND men every year. The best form of protection is being educated, and knowing when the symptoms start.

Thank you Ann Summers for such a lovely evening and ladies, you NEED to check out their latest range. Their plunge bra’s are AMAZING: www.annsummers.com.


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