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On Thursday (Nov 20) I attended the launch of the new Candy Crush game! Yes, Candy crush actually had a launch for their new mobile gap and it was seriously fun!

King Digital Entertainment (creator of the Candy Crush Saga) put on this lush ‘purple party’ to launch the new game, Candy Crush Soda Saga. And they did it big, not only by inviting singer Nicole Scherzinger down to officially launch the app, but by turning The River Thames in London into a sea of purple Soda!!!

Candy Crush Soda Saga Launch London 2014 [www.ayshiaarmani.com]

Yep, there was a magical soda fountain display at Tower Bridge, launched by Nicole, and Tower Bridge was transformed by purple Soda fountains and giant illuminated candies from the game. (King Digital Entertainment seriously have some major money!)

Another event also took place in New York City to launch the game, where a famous NY street was also transformed by magical purple Soda.

It was a really fun night with great food, desserts and although I’m not a fan of playing games on my phone but I will definitely download this and try it out, as the makers obviously know how to entertain. I mean they even had purple champagne… like you can’t go wrong with a bit of purple champagne!

More pics and videos on my Instagram: instagram.com/ayshiaarmaniVlog from the event coming soon! www.youtube.com/ayshiaarmani 🙂

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