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For quite a while now female celebrities have been getting their lady bits chopped off in a bid to get the perfect ‘designer vagina’, along with top earning porn stars and sex workers who both rely on having a good looking vag for their careers.

However, this trend is now becoming the norm, with up to 80% increases in women opting for vagina surgery in the last five years. Yes vagina surgery can be done for medical reasons, but these figures highlight women getting it done purely for cosmetic reasons.

Ex-glamour model and reality star Katie Price (aka Jordan) has had a vaginoplasty

Ex-glamour model and reality star Katie Price (aka Jordan) has had a vaginoplasty

Before writing this post I actually thought it was just one procedure you could do, I mean why would I know otherwise – but there’s actually TWO types! One is a vaginoplasty (working on the insides) and the other is a Labiaplasty (works on the outside labia). Just so you’re clear, here are the medial definitions:


Vaginoplasty is a procedure that aims to “tighten up” a vagina that’s become slack or loose from vaginal childbirth or aging. Some surgeons claim it can even improve sensitivity.


Labiaplasty surgery is performed on the labia major (the larger, outer vaginal lips), or the labia minor (the smaller, inner vaginal lips). Labiaplasty changes the size or shape of the labia, typically making them smaller or correcting an asymmetry between them.

Famous celebrities who have admitted to getting the procedure done in order to achieve a “designer vagina” include: Katie Price, porn star and ex-CBB housemate Jenna Jameson, Gemma Collins (TOWIE reality show), Brandi Glanville (Real Housewives of Beverly Hills), Nadya Suleman (Octomom), and Sharon Osbourne who said she had her vagina tightened for husband Ozzy.

The procedures are usually performed by a plastic surgeon or gynaecologist, however if you’re thinking of getting it done there is a lack of research investigating how effective the procedures are. This means there’s no guarantee it will achieve a long-lasting desired effect, and there are also many short- and long-term risks to consider.

vaginoplasty-labiaplasty surgery [www.ayshiaarmanionline.com]

So make sure you REALLY do your research and go to the best, most experienced doctor you can find if you are thinking about getting one of the procedures!

I also decided to write a more in-depth post with my opinion on the procedure, and my genuine thoughts on why women are getting it done which you can read here: Is Cosmetic Vaginoplasty Ever Worth It?



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