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I sat down for a chat with self-made millionaire, and star of Channel 4’s Four Rooms, Celia Sawyer. She spills on the new series of the show, her brand new jewellery line, and the secrets to her million pound fortune.
Q. How are you?Celia Sawyer 2014 []
Celia: Hi. I’m very good thank you! A bit tired after a long stint on filming recently for Four Rooms though. 
Q. I can imagine. The new series of Four Rooms starts this April doesn’t it? What can we expect?
Celia: Bigger and better items, more interesting quirky rooms and more rivalry in the bear pit. There are more shows, some prime time and some daytime, so everybody can watch it this series! 
Q. Fantastic. Do you ever get people trying to flog you weird things?
Celia: Oh yes, all the time. I’ve had many people offering me all sorts. I think the box of toe nails someone tried to flog to me that were supposedly from Michael Jackson’s hotel bathroom was the silliest! 
Q. I know you have a new show coming out later this year on BBC1 ‘Your Home in their Hands’. Do you want to tell me a bit about that?
Celia: Sure! Well, it’s been described as a modern-day Changing Rooms with me as the judge of what the contestants create! I’m looking forward to seeing how the contestants get on and I’m really excited excited to be filming it very soon! 
Q. You’re a self-made millionaire that left school at the age of 15. How did you get your start in business and what made you decide to take such a risk?Celia Sawyer Interview []
Celia: I never saw starting something as a risk. I had no qualifications to speak of, so I had to work with my wits. I ventured into a photography agency and that was my first business which did very well. It went from nothing to creating campaigns for Saatchis! I just went for it, researched, never gave up, and wasn’t put off by who else was out there, and the fact that they had been doing it longer than me. If you think like that it will put you off doing anything.
Q. What advice would you give to others looking to get into, or start their own business?
Celia: Do your research, work hard , don’t give up. Also don’t worry about starting small, you don’t need a big office, loads of staff. You just need you and your resources especially with the internet these days, you can work from home.
Q. You also have a jewellery line that you’re working on. What made you decide to do it?
Celia: I kept being asked where my jewellery came from, after seeing my rather large skull rings on Four Rooms. So I decided to create my own range which is very exciting.
Q. Where can people purchase your jewellery?
Celia: We are still in the designing process and I am seeing the factory this week. I’ll make sure everybody knows where it can be purchased as soon as it is launched. 
9. Are you working on anything else youd like to share, any new business ventures in the works?
Celia: I’m always looking for new things, perhaps something in the fashion field… it’s a way off yet though, I’ll keep you posted!
You can watch Celia on ‘Four Rooms’ this April on Channel 4.

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