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VIDEO: Is Cosmetic Vaginoplasty Ever Worth It?

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So I filmed this video not long ago, but it really wasn’t planned. Vaginoplasty’s were on my mind as I’d heard a celebrity mention they had it done, so I just wanted to have a random chat about it.

FYI – There are actually two types of cosmetic vagina surgeries you can do, but I’ll just refer to both as just Vaginoplasty for the purpose of this post to not cause any confusion.

So, now that I’ve filmed the video, I’ve actually been thinking about it in more depth, and want to have a proper discussion about it and share my personal opinion…

Is cosmetic vaginoplasty ever worth it?

Are women doing it for themselves, or to please men?

Do men honestly care if you have a bit of extra skin?

Is porn to blame?

Is the media and celebrity culture to blame?

Are we becoming way to obsessed about surgery and perfecting our bodies?

I’ve noticed an increase not only in women getting surgery in general, but for things you wouldn’t imagine, shortening toes, removing ribs to get an hourglass shape, and of course the vaginoplasty!

I’m all for improving yourself and having surgery if you want to feel more confident and there’s stuff you don’t like. However, I have a feeling many women are getting this done for the wrong reasons and insecurities caused by outside factors or people, which isn’t good at all. Plus surgery isn’t cheap!

So please share your thoughts on the questions above!

I honestly want to know, and it’s good to talk openly about this sort of stuff. You never know, it might stop someone from unnecessarily chopping parts of their vagina off 🙂

Leave a comment on the YouTube video or tweet me @AyshiaArmani.


If you want to find out how the procedure works, see some (not too gruesome) pics and read about all the celebrities that have followed the trend and had it done then click here: Celebrity Insider – The Designer Vagina.


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