Drake: “Chris Brown & Rihanna Are Perfect For Each Other”

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Strange but true!

According to reports, Drake thinks Chris & Rihanna are soul mates and should get back together.

A source close to Drake told Hollywood Life:

“They’ve got that special connection between them and they’ll never stop loving one another. Drake thinks they both need to stop playing and get back in the game together.”

Well Rihanna, 27, recently revealed in an interview with Vanity Fair magazine for their November 2015 issue (on stands Oct. 13) that she will always love Chris Brown:

“I don’t hate him,”

“I will care about him until the day I die. We’re not friends, but it’s not like we’re enemies. We don’t have much of a relationship now.”

She also did admitted that she’s still very protective of him and totally dismissed her “relationship” with Drake, claiming that she hasn’t been in a relationship since she re-kindled the flame with Chris, 26 in 2012.

Ohhh… kind of shady right?!

Well don’t worry, Drake actually agrees with Rihanna — admitting that they were never officially dating but that it was down to him. The source explained:

“Not to be cocky, but Drake knows he’s the prize. He’s the man, and every women he’s ever been with has wanted to make a husband out of him. Rihanna was one of those women and unfortunately for her, he wasn’t trying to go there with her on that type of commitment level,” the source continued. “That attitude and party animal energy is fun every now and then, but that’s not what he’s looking for long term, especially not in a wife!”

Now that’s definitely shade! Eeesh.

I think Chris & Rihanna would have definitely been the next Beyoncé and Jay Z, got married, had one or two kids IF the abuse incident didn’t happen – but it did. Although they’ve tried, there really is no going back from that sadly. Guess they’ll always be long-lost loves…

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