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Q.What is Ayshia Armani Online?

Ayshia Armani Online is an entertainment blog that shares the latest celebrity, showbiz and entertainment news, trending topics, viral videos, shocking stories and related content – as well as interviews with celebrities and rising stars, red carpet events, celebrity secrets & insider information, fashion & beauty, vlog’s (video blogs) and fun videos purely for entertainment.

Stories covered are mainly from the UK and USA but gossip and news from all over the world is featured.

Ayshia Armani Online is ‘The Ultimate Showbiz Diary’ for those of you that enjoy anything celebrity, showbiz, and pop culture related.

Q. Who is Ayshia Armani?

Ayshia Armani Online is run by London-based presenter, journalist, actor and model Ayshia Armani. Ayshia is a journalist that specialises in the field of showbiz and entertainment. Find out more by visiting her official website: www.ayshiaarmani.com.

Q. How can I get involved in Ayshia Armani Online?

Ayshia Armani Online is always on the hunt for creatives to contribute to the site or video content. Find out what roles are available by clicking HERE. Or just send over an email if you have any ideas on how you can get involved.

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