Is FAT The New Sexy? Obese Teen Gains Weight & Eats Junk For Men Online [PICS]

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All hail the rise of the plus size model! Yep, big girls are making a comeback and in a BIG way.

Meet Caitlin, a 22-year-old that earns up to £130 a week by eating food half-naked for men online, and hopes to become one of the biggest names on the “supersize big beautiful woman” scene.


At 4ft 11 Caitlin eats up to 10,000 calories a day as part of her job and is currently a dress size 24, with a BMI of 80 (the healthy range is between 18-25):

“I love the way I look and I started actively putting on weight because it makes me feel sexy. My speciality is to rub and shake my belly for the camera.”

“My blood pressure is athletic perfection. But I do get out of breath going up the stairs or walking short distances. If my health became badly affected, I’d consider slowing down. But I love what I do and I have no plans to stop.”


Caitlin decided to drop out of school at 18, and pursue a career as a webcam girl and it is now her full-time job. Her mum also supports the work she does and often helps her take sexy photos for her fans.

Watch Caitlin in action on the video below:



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