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I sat down for a chat with upcoming singer and the UK’s answer to Justin Bieber… Harvey. With a new single ‘Thank You’ released next month, I spoke to Harvey about music, girls and what it’s like trying to be a superstar while still in school!

Q. Hi Harvey, how are you?

I’m really good thanks, a bit tired as I just got in from school.

Q. So tell me a bit more about you. Who is Harvey?

Harvey has just turned 15 (laughs). I just recently signed with Universal Records and have just released by first single, ‘Thank You’. I love T.G.I Fridays, I love music, I’m very chilled and cool, and I’m English.

Q. So how long have you been singing for?

I’ve been singing all my life really, but I only started to take things seriously in the last year, music and singing has been something I wanted to do when I was a little boy.

Q. Tell me a bit more about your single, ‘Thank You’ that’s out on the 3rd of May. Did you write it, what’s the song about? A girlfriend maybe?

I wish it was about my girlfriend but I don’t have one, but I wrote it about previous relationships, its just about thanking someone you love and saying that they are perfect the way they are.

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Q. It seems like your building quite a fan base out there. How does it feel to know that loads of girls around the UK want to meet you and love your music?

My fans are amazing! There always there for me and they support me in everything I do. It feels so good knowing that I have my fans behind me, and I don’t know what I would do without them.

Q. You’re doing so much at the moment but you’re so young and still in school! How do you manage to balance your career with your school work?

It’s always hard to keep up with school work (laughs) let alone trying to make a career out of singing. But my school are so supportive and give me the days off to do my pop star things. GCSE’s are so scary and there just around the corner but I’m studying hard.

Q. Now I’m sure you get a lot of Justin Bieber comparisons. You’ve even got the JB quiff going on! Would you say he’s one of your inspirations, someone you look up to?

I have been compared to Justin Bieber a few times but I think that any young singer discovered on the internet will be automatically compared to him. What he has achieved at such a young age is something that I would love to reach one day. But someone who I have liked from a young age is Justin Timberlake! He is my musical inspiration and the way that he performs on stage and sings and dances literally stuns me. Justin Timberlake is definitely the one I look up to.

Q. Who would you love to collaborate on a song with?

I would love to collaborate with my inspirations, such as Justin Timberlake, but I would love to work with a rapper! I think it would completely change the sound of the song, someone like Drake or Kid Ink! I would also love to work with Ne-yo or Jason Derlulo.

Q. What do you plan to be doing in 5 years. Where do you see your career?

My dream would be to touring around the world and selling out arenas and to have a number 1 single! Even if my singing career doesn’t plan out, I would still love to work and be in the industry. So watch out for me! I’m coming…

Harvey’s single ‘Thank You’ will be available on the 3rd of May 2014.


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