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The Truth About Mayfair & West End Clubs: Racism, “Hot” Girls & DSTRKT

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Since this story has literally gone worldwide, with celebs such as Karrueche Tran coming under fire for attending the venue, I thought it might be a good idea to share my thought’s on the issue and what I’ve personally experienced.


I am in no way condemning every West/Mayfair nightclub or venue at all. I often go out in Mayfair, the West End, and will continue to do so as there are some lovely places with some really great people! This post is simply focused on Dstrkt nightclub that is currently in the press, and sharing my personal experiences with other places.



As I’m sure you’re aware West End night club Dstrkt have come under fire this week for discriminating against women because of their colour.

The Story…

Apparently a group of black women were invited to come down to the event by a promoter. The girl in the group that was in contact with the promoter was mixed-raced (black and white), and so was one of the friends she brought along – the other two were black dark-skinned women.

According to what’s been put out there on social media, the women were told they were not permitted entry into the club because it was full. Screen shots of a Whatsapp conversation later revealed that it was because two of the women in the group were dark-skinned and overweight, although they appear to be a UK 10/12 (US 6/8) at the most.

The mixed-raced women were invited to still enter the club however, as they fitted in with the ‘look’ that they liked at the club… i.e white, asian or mixed-raced/lighter skinned black women.

The girls who were "too dark" and "too overweight" to be let in

The girls who were “too dark” and “too overweight” to be let in

I was absolutely shocked when I saw this blow up on social media. I myself have been to Dstkrt, quite recently actually, for an event. I did have a good time and the odd staff members I did meet such as a lovely brunette woman who I think handled their events (can’t remember her name) was absolutely lovely. I didn’t face any prejudice, and actually planned on going back, however I was there for an event and not a night out.

The Truth…

The thing with a lot of exclusive West End clubs is that they want “hot” women to come their clubs to attract rich men who will spend thousands buying tables and alcohol. These big spenders are often white. Club promoters tempt women in by offering free drinks and alcohol all night on a guest list.

The thing is, even if you are an attractive black woman, it’s not going to be as easy to get in as it would be for say a white woman sadly. This is because a lot of these clubs view the “blonde hair, slim, pale-skinned woman” as more attractive than say an average black woman, even if she’s very good-looking. So although this club in particular has stated that it’s down to the women not being “attractive” enough, what they’re really saying is that black women aren’t “their idea of attractive” for themselves, and their rich clientele (which is exactly what their staff member Daniel said in a voice memo that was released online).

Which is why I don’t even understand why their money-hungry promoters even bother to invite women down only to watch them be turned away.

sugar daddy [www.ayshiaarmanionline.com]

It’s Happened To Me…

I like to think I’m pretty attractive and although I do frequent Mayfair clubs, there have been one or two times where I can tell that my darker skin has made the door person really think about letting me in or not – and it really is sickening. Especially if you see people walking in looking like they’ve just come from a work out at the gym being let in straight away – and they’re all white. Whilst you’re standing there dressed to the nines!

Now that I think about it I have also been to clubs in the past and the same thing has happened like with this incident. The door person turning me away, and later being told by the promoter it was because they didn’t like the look of my friends.

I do think something needs to change, but the truth is, will anything really change? Things have been like this for a long time and it’s a deeper rooted issue than just door policies and ignorant door women/men. Yes it’s about black women being seen as the bottom of the pile in terms of attractiveness, but it’s also just plain old racism – along with elitism and classism which affects all races.

SUAGR DADDIES [www.ayshiaarmanionline.com]

Final Thoughts…

Racism and elitism is alive and well and it will be a while before that changes… if it ever does change.

It’s always good to speak up when thing happen however and I salute people for raising awareness of the issue and protesting. Also props to singer Omarion for cancelling his scheduled appearance in support of the protests and all the celebrities who have shared their experience with racism from West End clubs, Dstrkt in particular, and just general support of the issue such as A.M.E, Stormzy, Tinchy Stryder and plenty of others.


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