Menhaj Huda Interview – Comedown Film Screening

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I sat down for an interview with the Director of new British urban/horror film, Comedown. Find out what he had to say below…

Q. How long has the film been in the works for?

Well, we filmed this at the end of 2011 and we finished it last summer so we’ve been waiting for the release date. We took it to a horror festival in Manchester and it went down really well there. That was the first public screening and a tester to see how audiences found it. Since then we’ve been waiting for it to be released and I’m really pleased that it’s coming out in March.

Q. Tell me a bit about the film.

It’s the first time we’ve essentially taken two very tried and tested genres in the UK – the urban youth movie genre and combined it with the very well established horror genre and come up with a formulaic slasher movie with a characters we’ve seen in urban films but we’ve never seen them in a horror movie. The story itself is about a group of kids – you may love them or hate them but they are a realistic group of friends from an urban estate setting.

Q. What made you want to get involved?

When I read the script I thought this is a really brilliant setting for a horror movie and I can see how it would work and I really want to get on and make it.

Q. Do you think it will be as successful as Kidulthood, which you also directed?

Well I hope so. I mean you never know. From my side as a filmmaker I’m just really interested in things that break new ground and if there’s an audience for it, they’ll find it and I just hope they do. We have a huge fan base with Adam Deacon and Jacob Anderson is becoming a very established actor. As long as those fans go and support the film I don’t see why it shouldn’t be as big of a success as Kidulthood or Anuvahood.

Q. What do you think the film possesses that will draw audiences to the cinema?

This audience is used to going to the cinema and watching American horror films which when they’re watching they feel it’s like a fantasy. The American kids are cartoon cut-outs and they live in a different world and speak with different accents so they can watch it slightly removed. Whereas this one, they can sit there and say, oh that’s me. They’ll be relating to it and then be in the horror film scenario and will be scared by what’s going on. We tried to make it much more real and give the experience of the audience as something that is more real than Hollywood horror films; which are slightly more stylized and there is also a lot of fun and comedy involved. If you like being scared watching films and going on that rollercoaster ride then this film is for you.

Comedown will be available on Blu-ray and DVD from March 11th 2013. You can FIND OUT MORE about the film by clicking HERE.

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