Mum And Stripper Daughter Spend £56,000 On Surgery To Look Like Katie Price

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Boy, oh boy.

Another “wannabe celebrity story” involving loads of plastic surgery and a ridiculous amount of money. Sigh.

So a young woman, and her mother are literally obsessed with Katie Price (aka Jordan) and have spent £56,000 ($86,000) to look like her (which they sadly don’t) and they want to spend more! Boob jobs, lip fillers, bleached blonde hair – yep they’ve done it all. Add in an over fifty sugar daddy, a stripping career, and a mother basically pimping out her daughter – and you’ve pretty much got the whole story summed up!

Read the full story below (it’s kind of long, but SO worth the read), along with my VERY honest opinion at the end… 

This mum and daughter have spent £56,000 earned through stripping to look like Katie Price, but has it worked?

Appearing on ITV’s This Morning with her mother Georgina Clarke, 38, Kayla left presenter Ruth Langsford visibly shocked when she declared: ‘I just want big boobs. I want to go to JJ-cup.’

When Langsford asked the young woman’s mother why she encouraged her daughter, despite the risks of surgery and her daughter’s worsening back pain, Georgina replied: ‘She’s just so determined.’

Kayla added: ‘There’s no point her saying, “Don’t do it”. I’ll just end up doing it more.’

But Georgina admitted she understands her daughter’s desire for surgery because she too wants to further enhance her body.


‘I just don’t want to get old,’ she explained.

Kayla then revealed that she had recently found herself a new benefactor who was willing to pay for further surgery for herself and her mother, but said Georgina has yet to meet the man who would be funding their next round of treatment.

In a moment of blunt honesty, Eamonn Holmes told the duo that their inflated lips looked scary and painful.

‘I don’t mean to be rude, but people are quite frightened by both of your lips today,’ he said.

The pair expressed amazement at his statement, but Eamonn continued: ‘People think they almost look painful.’

Despite their uncomfortable appearance, Georgina confirmed that her lips did not cause her any pain and said: ‘Obviously the lip liner and gloss makes them look a lot bigger.’

Georgina, a mother-of-four, who claims to be ‘addicted’ to Botox, confirmed she was happy for her daughter to strip to fund the surgeries and was also supportive when she picked up a 50-something sugar daddy at 18.


In a previous interview, which appeared on the MailOnline, Ms Clarke said: ‘When Kayla told me that she wanted a boob job and plastic surgery, I was glad because I wanted her to be that kind of person.’

‘I’m so lucky to have a daughter like Kayla who pays for my treatments. I don’t mind her having a sugar daddy or stripping to pay for our cosmetic work because we’re living the dream.

‘I’m really proud of her.’

Currently, the pair spend £5,000 a year on tanning beds and have had lip injections, Botox, cheek fillers, semi-permanent make-up, tooth whitening and hair extensions.

Despite having already spent more than £50,000, the pair plan to have a boob job apiece later this year, along with buttock implants, a nose job, further lip injections, veneers and a designer vagina for Georgina.

‘My mum is my best friend,’ said Kayla. ‘I love treating her to plastic surgery and getting closer to our dream of looking more like Katie Price. I love the way we look now.

‘When we walk down down the street, everyone looks at us and comments on our huge lips but they’re not big enough for us.

‘Plastic surgery is a way of bonding for us as mum and daughter. We want to have bigger boobs, bigger bums and look even more like Barbies.’

Their devotion to plastic surgery might be a big part of their lives now, but, says mother-of-four Ms Clarke, that hasn’t always been the case.

Katie Price (aka Jordan) who both women Idolise and want to look like

Katie Price (aka Jordan) who both women Idolise and want to look like

‘I had four kids to look after so I was just focused on being a normal mum,’ says Ms Clarke, whose other children are Amber, 19, Keisha, 13, and Romeo, six.

‘I didn’t care about my looks and I didn’t wear make-up. I had mousy brown hair, which I just put up into a pony tail. I was quite shy and I felt like I wasn’t anything special.

‘Being a mother came first and I didn’t bother with my appearance. I fell into a rut where my looks were the least of my priorities.’

But when she spotted a picture of Katie Price posing topless on Page 3, her life – and approach to looking good – changed forever.

‘The minute I opened the paper and saw Jordan on Page 3, I instantly liked her,’ she said. ‘She just stood out. ‘I loved her look – she was just perfect. Everything about her appealed to me.

‘I was so used to being a dowdy mum but something about Katie Price stirred something in me. I was scared to admit it but when I looked at her picture, I thought maybe I could be glamorous too.

‘I started buying all the magazines so I could read about her life and I began watching her television show every week. I was mad over Jordan.’

Growing up, Kayla was a tomboy who showed no interest in her appearance either. But when she started watching Katie Price’s reality show with her mother, everything changed for her too.

As a kid, I wasn’t very girly,’ explains Kayla. ‘I wore baggy shirts and loved playing football. But when I was about 10, I started watching Jordan’s television series with my mum and I became obsessed with her too.

‘We used to wait all week until her show was on. Mum and I would make sure the rest of the family were quiet so we could watch it on the sofa together.

‘We loved Jordan so much that we would sometimes watch an episode again on repeat. Then we would chat about Katie Price and her life for hours afterwards.


‘We read all of Katie Price’s books too and bought tickets to see her at the Birmingham Clothes show. Mum even got the same pink ribbon ankle tattoo as her.

‘There was just something about Jordan that drew me to her. She was so straight-talking and successful. She also really cared about her family too.

‘Most of all, I loved her over-the-top look. I loved her lips, her hair, her massive boobs, her nails, everything about her.’

By the age of 11, Kayla had become so devoted to the glamour model, she told her mother she wanted a breast operation just like Jordan’s the second she turned 18.

‘I was so pleased when Kayla told me she wanted a boob job,’ Georgina said. ‘I encouraged her to get one.

‘I love the way Katie Price looks, she’s a good role model. I wanted us to look more like her and I was proud that Kayla was so determined to make our dreams come true.’

The pair decided to pursue their dreams of looking like the 37-year-old model together, initially funded by Ms Clarke.

‘I started giving pocket money to Kayla every so often so she could get her nails and fake eyelashes done,’ she says. ‘For Kayla’s 14th birthday, I surprised her with hair extensions. She was thrilled.’

‘I also started learning about other cosmetic treatments that were available,’ adds Miss Morris. ‘I’d talk to my mum about how I wanted veneers, a nose job and lip injections.

‘We wanted to get it done together. My mum was always so supportive, she’s the most brilliant mum ever to my brother and sisters.

‘My mum has always treated me and my siblings so well and I wanted to be the one to make her dreams come true. But I wasn’t sure how I was going to pay for all of it.’

Eventually, Kayla left college aged 17 after studying for a year because ‘I wanted to get closer to my dream of getting plastic surgery’.

Kayla before the surgery as a teenager

Kayla before the surgery as a teengaer

Keen to make money speedily, she landed a job as a stripper at a Birmingham lap dancing club and began making up to £1,300 a week – most of which went into a savings account.

A few months before she turned 18, Kayla found another source of income in the shape of a man in his 50s who was willing to lavish money on her in exchange for ‘companionship’.

‘One night when I was working at the strip club, I started talking to a married guy in his late 50s who wanted to be my sugar daddy and pay for my upkeep,’ she said.

‘We swapped numbers and chatted for a while. I told him about the surgery that I wanted and we came to an arrangement where he paid me £800 per week.

‘I was thrilled although I was scared to tell my mum about my sugar daddy. But when I told her about him and explained how the money would go towards our cosmetic work, she was pleased for me.’

Georgina added: ‘I didn’t mind that Kayla had a sugar daddy. I was a little bit worried at first but I trust her, she has her head screwed on.

‘I knew it made Kayla happy and she insisted we use it to get plastic surgery together. It’s what we had always dreamed of since she was a kid. Kayla is so generous.’

The first purchase that Kayla made with her sugar daddy funds were Botox and lip fillers for her and her mother at a cost of £900 for both.

‘As soon as I received the money from my sugar daddy, I paid for my mum’s Botox and lip fillers first,’ she said.


‘I was so happy that I could treat my mum to this cosmetic treatment after we’d talked about it for all those years.

‘She was so thrilled after she got her lips done and so I got mine done immediately after.’

Then in February 2013, Kayla had a £5,000 breast enlargement operation that took her from an already ample 32E to a 32G.

Since then, the pair have had a further 15 rounds of 1.5ml lip injections – spending £300 a time – so they can emulate Katie Price’s plump lips.

Georgina has also had three sets of cheek fillers and over 18 Botox sessions. On top of that, both regularly have tooth whitening treatments, semi-permanent make-up and have hair extensions.

The twosome regularly undergo teeth whitening, semi-permanent make-up as well as eyelash and hair extensions.

The pair also look set to become a trio with Miss Morris saying she would be happy to fund surgery for her younger sister Amber too.

‘I love treating my mum so if my sister asked for a boob job, I would pay for it,’ she said. ‘My sister has mentioned getting a boob job once. I’d rather she get plastic surgery than go clubbing and drinking.’

Both are currently single, but Kayla has recently found new sugar daddy after the previous one ended the arrangement after his wife found out.


The pair, who are planning more surgery later this year, have also been hit with criticism due to their looks but say the brickbats will not put them off.

‘Sometimes men stick their lips out mockingly when they walk past us but it doesn’t bother us because we know our lips are big and that’s the way we’ve always wanted them,’ said Miss Morris.

‘A few people have told us we should be worried about what consequences plastic surgery and sunbeds could have on our health.

‘But I’ve never had any complications besides my lip fillers building up. And you’re more likely to get cancer from smoking than sunbeds anyway.’

Georgina added: ‘Kayla and I are a double act, we do everything together and that includes plastic surgery.

‘We like looking the same. We even buy the same clothes as each other. Kayla and I can’t wait for our double boob-jobs later this year and we want bigger bums and bigger lips too.

‘I want them to be massive. I’m so lucky to have a daughter like Kayla who pays for my surgery. She’s made all my dreams come true.’

Her daughter added: ‘We look the way we want to look now. We’re closer to looking like Katie Price than ever before but not as close as we’d like. There’s still more work to do’



One boob job at the age of 18 – £5,000

Lip injections (six times since 18 at £300 per session) – £1,800

Five times a week sunbeds (since the age of 17 at £10 per session) – £10,400

Hair extensions (£700 every four months since the age of 18) – £6,300

Hair colouring (one £60 appointment per month since the age of 17) – £2,880

Other hair treatments (£25 per week since the age of 18) – £3,900

Manicures (£30 twice a month since the age of 17) – £2,880)

Teeth whitening (one-off treatment three months ago) – £200

Semi-permanent make-up (eyebrows only) – £300

TOTAL: £33,660


Lip injections (seven times in the last three years at £300 per session) – £2,100

Cheek fillers (three times at £750 per session) – £2,250

Botox (six times in three areas at £100 per area) – £1,800

Semi-permanent make-up (eyebrows only) – £300

Five times a week sunbeds (since Kayla was 17 at £10 per session) – £10,400

Hair colouring (one £60 appointment per month since Kayla was 17) – £2,880

Teeth whitening (one-off treatment three months ago) – £200

Manicures (£30 twice a month since Kayla was 17) – £2,880)

TOTAL:  £22,810 

Source: The Daily Mail

I just don’t understand… they don’t even look the least bit attractive. They’re basically ruining themselves, which is what makes this entire story even more bizarre! Paying thousands to look like a MONSTER? :/

If her mother had shut this crazy obsession down from early on instead of encouraging her young impressionable daughter, then she probably wouldn’t have got to this stage at all. Awful.

And was the sugar daddy blind? £800 a week for this?! Eeesh. She makes me look like Beyonce – where’s my £800 Mr Sugar Daddy?!

Honestly, I don’t really like to judge what other people want to do in life but I don’t agree with any of this at all. Spending thousands to look like someone else you’ve seen on TV is unhealthy enough. They obviously have major self-esteem issues and need some serious counselling. Hope they get the help they need before they totally disfigure themselves both mentally and physically.



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