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MUST SEE: Dr. Umar Johnson on Relationships [VIDEO]

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I found this video online a few weeks ago and have meaning to share.

Dr. Umar Johnson speaks about relationships. Things I’d never even thought about or realised, but a lot of it true.

Why we go for certain people, why we chose to stay within our race or date outside of it, why someone people fall in love so easily whilst other’s are as cold as stone, daddy issues, emotional deficiency and everything else in between.

For example he explains that, “Problems in relationships don’t disappear, they only get bigger over time”.

Seriously this video is a must watch! And although it focuses on ‘black’ relationships… a lot of his words of wisdom relates to dating in general no matter what race you are. I’m all for interracial dating as I don’t care about colour when dating, more so the value of someone’s character and if I’m attracted to them or not.

Anyway you can watch it below, it’s a bit long and I didn’t watch it all. Maybe 15-20 minutes or so, but check it out below and let me know what you think…

Direct Link: www.youtube.com/watch?t=398&v=R28qB1t1TQE


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