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OMG… Tampons Can Kill You!

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So this may seem like a pretty random post, and if you’re a guy reading yes, it’s one for the ladies as you’ve probably gathered. But feel free to read on if you want to…

I was recently contacted by a company called Organyc, who specialise in natural sanitary products for women such as tampons and pads etc. Along with their email they also sent some info about the harmful stuff that goes into the normal sanitary products we buy in stores and how it can literally kill us!

organic tampons [www.ayshiaarmanionline.com]

I know, very scary to hear as a woman, as we have no choice but to use sanitary products every month because of what nature has forced upon us (sad face). So to know that we may in fact be harming ourselves in the process is a really scary thought!

My mother has always been against tampons, and I usually brushed it off as her being overly dramatic and paranoid (which she is), but I guess she was right about this one as tampons are actually affecting our health.

organic tampons (organyc) - [www.ayshiaarmanionline.com]

The Facts:

Over half of the cotton used by leading tampon brands is genetically modified and treated with pesticides, fungicides and herbicides which can cause irritation and vaginal infections. Most conventional tampons contain materials bleached with Chlorine, which contains dixoins – a by-product of the bleaching.

“If dioxins are absorbed into the body, they can collect in our fatty tissues, and build up over time. This build-up of dioxins has been linked to many health problems including hormonal disruption, infertility and abnormal tissue growth” Cassandra Burns, Nutritionist.

Super scary right?! ….Well there is hope.

The Organyc feminine range contains no synthetics, SAPs or synthetic materials and only uses organic cotton cleaned with hydrogen peroxide, a naturally occuring disinfectant. They are 100% natural and not much pricier than the popular brands we buy in store. You can check out their website for more info: www.pravera.co.uk/organyc.

organyc products [www.ayshiaarmanionline.com]

They sent me some to try and although I haven’t used them yet, they look exactly the same as the Tampax one’s I usually buy. One thing I did notice however is that they don’t have anything to insert the tampon with which is a bit annoying, but I had a look on their site and you can actually buy one’s with an applicator – so make sure you purchase that one if that’s an issue for you. But honestly, knowing that these are 100% safe and are not harming my body really does give me peace of mind so I guess it’s worth the extra bit of faffing around until my next order.

Please share this post and spread the word about the dangers of using non-organic Tampons! xo



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