Proof The X Factor Is A Fix… Like We Didn’t Know Already [Pics]

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On Sunday night, Louisa became the youngest person to win the X Factor UK. She is a very talented young woman however, people on social media are calling her win foul play!

Now, most of us suspect the X Factor is “fixed” and I think by now, we’ve all accepted that there are a million things that go on behind the scenes that we don’t know about. However, this time around the X Factor wasn’t so great at hiding their behind the scenes trickery and made a BIG slip up on social media by posting the tweet below…


Yes, this tweet came from Louisa’s official Twitter account on the 12th of December, two entire days before the final that saw her win. Now fair enough it’s a Twitter ad and both finalists recorded the single ahead of time, and probably even took promo pics before the final so everything could quickly be available for purchase whoever ended up winning – we get it, they do it every year.

Reggie & Bollie X Factor [www.ayshiaarmanionline.com]

Reggie & Bollie who fell victim to the stitch up…

However, this tweet uses the keyword “winner”, and there is no way to know who the winner was before the final, if the voting system is genuine! Or  am I missing something here?

According to sources defending the X Factor…

“This is a Twitter advert for the single – not a tweet posted by Louisa. It posts on certain people’s timelines – sure you’ve seen them before”.

“The source added: ‘It was sent out last night post show – but the wrong time was posted as an error. Just a simple system error”.

Right, I have access to Twitter ads and you cannot schedule tweets in to be posted with a date from the past. It doesn’t work like that. You either post the advertised tweet on that day or schedule it in for a future date. So no matter what they say, the truth is there in black and white – TWO DAYS BEFORE the final, they decided Louisa was the winner, although “votes” we’re still not in.

Explains why they totally sabotaged Reggie & Bollie by giving them this song as the winner’s single that was OBVIOUSLY written for Louisa, since they have ALWAYS done dancehall, upbeat music and that’s their style as artists. Seems like singer Jess Gylne agrees too from her tweet below…

Jess Glyne x factor fix [www.ayshiaarmanionline.com]

They also gave everyone in the audience torches to hold in the air, but only for Louisa’s ‘winning’ performance and not Reggie & Bollie’s.

Sigh… well there you have it. X Factor has outed themselves as a fix.

But as usual, we’ll still watch as always as it’s a kind of fun train-wreck to watch every year. However, not so fun for the people being stitched up, maybe the show should just get cancelled altogether?


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