Eek… Rita Ora Is Suing Her Boss Jay Z!

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Eeesh! So Rita Ora is suing her boss Jay Z.

Well not him exactly, but his company Roc Nation. Rita claims the label has been unsupportive of her career and she wants to be released from her contract (FYI – she’s only released one album in 2012 since she signed her record deal seven years ago).

According to Rita, the company’s “other” interests have left her forgotten about and describes herself as being “orphaned” by Roc Nation.

If you didn’t know, the company (and Jay Z) also does sports management and of course has the Tidal music streaming service which they’ve put a lot of money and promotion into.

Sad times, it seems like Rita and Jay Z were pretty close… not sure they will be after this though. But hey, business is business and it’s obvious Rita doesn’t play when it comes to her career.

Oh, and if she doesn’t win the case, she’ll be stuck with Roc Nation until 2019!



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