LOL… Student Pays Entire $110 Parking Fine In Pennies!

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Is this even allowed? LOL

An American student who was given a parking fine decided that he would pay his $110  (£71) fine in the funniest way EVER haha.

Stephen Coyle, 26, a student at North Carolina-Charlotte University and vice president of the university’s mathematics club, paid off the entire sum in pennies. Yes… pennies.

According to Stephen, he had to visit several banks to reach the 11,000 penny total that he needed to rake up $110. He then dumped the pennies in baskets and delivered the fine in person in three separate buckets. In total it took two members of staff three hours and 40 minutes to count the cash.

He said:

“I apologised immediately when I gave them the change, saying it was a part of the protest I was doing”.

“They were fine with it. The only person that seemed pretty upset was their manager”.

So why did he go to all that effort?!

Well, he found out that the university that issued the fine only keep 20% of the money with the rest going to other schools, which he wasn’t too happy about.

Well at least he got his point across! HAHA


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