VIDEO: Rats, Urine, Dirt… What The Hell Are They Doing To Our Meat?!

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So I came across this video yesterday on Twitter and screamed out so loud that everyone was stared staring at me.

I always suspected those random chicken shops were seedy and unhygienic. To be fair I don’t trust most fast food places in general, but this video was like a nail in the coffin for me.

What’s worst is that my uncle who is a builder also validated what I saw in the video, as he’s done some building work behind the scenes of a random chicken shop in Leytonstone. Apparently rats and mice were crawling all over and inside the frozen chips and meat, leaving their urine and poo everywhere.

Please be warned though, you may vomit after watching or be put off fast food for life. I totally am (for the time being anyway).



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