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Why Being “Geek” Is Better Than “Chic” At University

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That time of the year has come around again. Some of you are going back to university or college for your second or final year whilst a handful of you are just starting the journey that is student life. So as a graduate I thought I’d share a little secret with you and yes you guessed it, that secret is why it’s better to be geek than chic at university!

University is that time in your life for making the most of wild, random parties, drinking until you puke and getting as much attention from the opposite sex as possible, right? Well, even if you disagree there are millions of students around the world who view university as their time to pretty much “let loose” and “turn up” to the extreme – but is it really worth it?

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Don’t get me wrong it’s great to let your hair down, have fun and try new things, especially when you’re at university which is essentially your last remaining bit of “teen-hood” before you’re faced with the terrible realisation that you’re an adult, with adult responsibilities in the real world that isn’t always one of the nicest places. However, what most uni students forget about is the reason that they’re actually there in the first place – to study. Something that isn’t helped at all by constant partying and crazy nights out to say the least. Being popular among your peers is great, but will it get you the grade?

Here are five reasons why it’s best to be an underdog at university…

  • You will stress less – Let’s face it, being in a relationship whilst at university can be pretty stressful. University on it’s own is enough pressure without rumours of your other half cheating on you with the girl four rooms down, or better yet being accused of cheating yourself. Relationship drama can put a huge strain on your studies so it’s best to avoid getting into a serious relationship. Better yet, just avoid the opposite sex at all cost.
  • You save money –  Alcohol, clothes and travel costs can get pretty high when you’re busy being a social butterfly. College and university tuition fees are enough to make anyone go broke; saving every penny you can will really go a long way.
  • Students who party less, study more –  its pretty simple. If you’re not out partying – you’re probably in studying for that all-important exam.
  • Teachers will love you –  There’s nothing a teacher loves more than a geeky student. Your teachers may seem irrelevant after university but they can really help when it comes to getting recommendations and industry links. Keep them in your good books and let them know you’re serious about you’re degree.
  • You’ll probably end up being more successful than everyone else – This is always the case (well, most of the time). Being an underdog really is your best bet at getting that all important first-class degree.

Don’t believe me? Check out this list of famous faces that were geeks and turned out to be pretty successful…

Natalie Portman

natalie portman [www.ayshiaarmanionline.com]

Natalie was a straight A student all throughout school. She even skipped the premiere of Star Wars: The Phantom Menace (which propelled her into the spotlight) to study for her final exams. Oh and did I mention she’s also a graduate of Harvard University?

Henry Cavill

Henry Cavill [www.ayshiaarmanionline.com]

This young chap who graced our screens in the summer blockbuster Batman vs Superman was called ‘Fat cavill’ and was bullied at school for being nerdy and overweight but now plays Superman. Hi, haters!

Kate Beckinsale

Kate beckinsale [www.ayshiaarmanionline.com]

Kate has written award-winning short stories, poems and has even won the national W.H. Smith Literary Award twice. She also studied at Oxford University where she mastered German, French and Russian. Proving you can have beauty AND brains.

Charlize Theron

Charlize Theron [www.ayshiaarmanionline.com]

Admits to not “being in the popular crowd” and not having any boyfriends because well, boys just didn’t like her. We bet those guys cry themselves to sleep every night. I definitely would.

Zac Effron

Zac Effron [www.ayshiaarmanionline.com]

“I wasn’t a heartthrob at school, I was a geek”. Oh, how the tables have turned!

Taylor Swift

taylor swift [www.ayshiaarmanionline.com]

Taylor admits that being an outsider in school and having no friends is what made her start writing songs. Nice.

Cameron Diaz

Cameron Diaz [www.ayshiaarmanionline.com]

“I’m a dork! When I was in high school, I was a total goon! All the kids used to make fun of me. I was like all skinny and gangly and guys were like no thank you”. Enough said.



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