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WTF… This Woman Used Her Infected Vaginal Juices As Yeast To Make Bread

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I come across bizarre, shocking stories online all the time and I’ve posted most of them on here as part of my OMG News section. However, this has to be  one of the most disgusting new stories I have ever come across, and I feel kind of sick writing about it. But it’s my job to share the weird, the wonderful and the downright disgusting with you!

So here’s the story and please proceed with caution – you may never look at bread the same after this…

It’s a tale that might ensure you never look the same way at a humble loaf again.

When a feminist blogger found herself suffering from a vaginal yeast infection, she made the unusual decision to use the unwanted bodily fluid as an ingredient for making bread.

Zoe Stavri, who writes under the title Another Angry Woman, has documented the details of her unusual baking experiment on social media and, unsurprisingly, it’s caused something of a furore.

Stavri, who admits to having a ‘slightly perverse sense of humour’ and a ‘keenly scientific mind’ realised she was suffering from thrush on Saturday but decided that rather than resolve the issue with conventional treatment, she would make the most of the additional yeast she was producing.

Using a sex aid to retrieve the yeast from her vagina, Stavri used it as a base ingredient for sour-dough, a loaf which often takes several days for the ‘starter’ dough to ferment.

The experimental baker added her self-made ingredient to flour and water and then watched as the fermentation process began, taking pictures along the way.

The photos documenting the unusual bread-making method has received an onslaught of comments with many people accusing Stavri of being ‘mentally ill.’

One user said: ‘I think you’re confusing mental illness with feminism,’ and another added: ‘and – thank you – for ruining bread for me. Just ew I can’t.’

Other users took to Twitter to tell her there was ‘something seriously wrong’ with her and others saw the more light-hearted side, asking her: ‘have you thought about approaching Dragon’s Den?’.

Others declared that they would never eat bread again after reading her recipe.

This is by no means the first bodily fluid to bizarrely be used as an ingredient. One company made the controversial move of using breast milk in a vanilla ice cream aimed at adults.

Royal Baby Gaga ice cream is the brainchild of breastfeeding campaigner Victoria Hiley.

The 30-year-old mother from Leeds collaborated with London-based ice-creamery The Licktators to launch the dessert in celebration of the birth of Princess Charlotte earlier this year.

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