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Wow… This YouTube Beauty Guru Has TWO Vagina’s! [PICS]

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Popular YouTube beauty guru Cassandra Bankson, 22, was amazed to discover recently that she has TWO vaginas. Crazy… but totally true!

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Cassandra, is popular on YouTube for her make up videos that help disguise her severe acne, and because of her success online she is now an international model as well as an online sensation.

Now, she’s sharing stories about her very rare medical condition… two vag-a-jays!

woman-born-with-two-vaginas []

I know you’re probably thinking, “So does that mean there are two holes, and she can…” well get your mind out of the gutter (LOL) and watch the video below which explains everything you need to know. It’s actually not as scary as you might think.

Poor girl though… ladies imagine having two periods every month? One is bad enough as it is!

Also, have a look at her Q & A video answering questions about the condition to her YouTube fans.


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