X Factor Winner’s Single Charts At Lowest Ever In X Factor History!

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So it seems the drama surrounding this year’s X Factor really made an impact, as X Factor winner Louisa’s single only managed to reach number 9 in the official UK charts, the lowest ever recorded by a X Factor Winner, and it pretty much means she’s out of the running for the coveted Christmas #1 spot! Plus she’s only managed to sell 39,000 copies of the single so far.

Louisa-Johnson-Forever-Young [www.ayshiaarmanionline.com]

With claims the show is a fix making headlines, due to the MAJOR social media error made on Twitter, along with what people are calling a “stitch up” of runner’s up Reggie & Bollie, because of the choice of winner’s song – it seems that Louisa’s career is already on a downward spiral before it’s even begun.

I always said that these days, being a runner-up on the X Factor is better than winning… The X Factor Winner’s curse is real!!



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