Ayshia Armani Online is the personal beauty blog of entrepreneur and media maven Ayshia Armani.

Founded in 2011 under it’s original name Media Junkie Online before changing to simply AyshiaArmani.com, the site has gone through MANY MANY MANY changes and blossomed into what it is today!

Launching officially as Ayshia Armani Online in 2015, the blog  became a hub of all things entertainment and showbiz related before developing into what it’s known for a now. A mixture of beauty, luxury and lifestyle posts. Products, reviews, news and all that good stuff.

Whether you’re interested in reviews about the latest beauty & cosmetic trends, want to know the top 10 restaurants to hang out in London or all the details of the latest luxury must have item – you’ll definitely find something on the site to keep you entertained.

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