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Right, so I was contacted by an author recently, obviously the author of this book who asked if I’d like to give his book a read and maybe write about it if I liked what I read. I agreed and he kindly sent me a copy to read and share and my thoughts about it on my blog.

Now I just want to make it clear that although this book was sent to me, it will in no way affect my opinion, and I will be giving an honest review of its contents – as I do with all the items sent to me. If you’re a fan of my blog you should already know this as the entire blog is pretty much diary, and no-one write’s about stuff they don’t really like or care about in their diary right?

Well anyway, let me get to it…

Man Flu – The Book by M.R. Essojay is a fun, fictional novel all about the struggles of a relationship plagued with lies and cheating. Romance, sex, action, humor it has it all and was a really fun read.



“With all viruses, the point of infection is unknown. We are oblivious to the precise moment in which the infectious particles invade our system, and are only aware of the viral invasion once the symptoms begin to manifest. By then it’s too late. It’s a well-known saying that prevention is better than cure. If one could protect oneself from the virus by minimising the level of exposure to known sources it would greatly reduce the chances of becoming infected.

I once heard that the act of cheating, adultery or unfaithfulness is a disease that human beings find difficult to get rid of once they contract it. This was the opinion of a woman who strongly believed in the conce
pt that her partner simply couldn’t help himself. By no means am I suggesting that women don’t fall under the same category; women cheat too. However, when men do it – once they contract this so-called virus, the effects are considerably greater and more damaging. In effect, women can get the flu; but man flu is a whole new experience.

In one crucial moment Timi is rapidly stricken with man flu. Once a victim of betrayal, he steps out into single life only to be clawed back into a relationship by the striking beauty of a female who initially appears out of his league. Despite his early satisfaction, Timi slowly becomes influenced by his side-kick, a self-confessed playboy who constantly coughs and sneezes the notion that it’s ok to cheat. Unable to hold his breath, Timi begins to display symptoms, an elevated temperature as his body overworks to fight off the infection, blood pumping and heart racing profusely the moment he attempts to participate in forbidden activity.

General malaise follows. His body is weak, weary, drained of energy to the point that he becomes powerless to resist temptation. To make matters worse, the energy sap diminishes his brain function. It incites memory lapses, causing him to forget he already has a partner. At times he experiences a distortion in motor function causing him to lose control of his own actions. To put it plainly, he no longer knows what he is doing.

Confusion is the worst phase. It is defined as a ‘mental state characterised by disorientation regarding time, place, person, or situation. It causes bewilderment, perplexity, lack of orderly thought and the ability to choose or act decisively…’. Once in the confused phase Timi cheats without a conscience. He loses touch with reality and is instantly unaware of the damage he is causing simply because his brain function has been impaired too much for him to notice or even care. He no longer has respect for other people’s emotions, possibly because he feels nothing himself”. 

Overall… I enjoyed the book.

Admittedly, it was a bit slow to get into but once things started to unravel, it got really good. Filled with exciting relationship drama it’s definitely targeted towards a young, urban audience41z5-IopBmL._SL500_AA300_ with lots of colloquial terms UK slang. So if you’re not familiar with the latest lingo you may be confused once or twice, but not to the point where you’ll get lost.

The main character of the book, Timi is a character I ended up feeling really sorry for yet I despised him at the same time. He’s pretty much a man with good intentions but a wandering eye – which I’m sure many men can relate to, and the type of man who many women have experienced dating.

I thought that all of the characters and situations portrayed were very realistic and you will definitely be able to find someone you know who is similar to one of the characters, as well as being able to relate to the MANY relationship issues that arise.

The most enjoyable bit of the book were the middle chapters. The chain of lies and deceit built up to what could have been an amazing climax, but honestly I was a bit disappointed with how it all ended.

I expected an explosion of emotions and action after everything was finally revealed – but it just didn’t happen. I  did enjoy the book nonetheless and was honestly hooked for a week, reading every page excitedly on my daily train journeys. I would recommend it to anyone who is open to a lighthearted, entertaining read.

Take a look at the Man Flu website for more information and to view the official trailer, directed by Adulthood/Kidulthood star Femi Oyeniran:


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