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Fenty Beauty (Rihanna’s New Make Up Line) | Review

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Now if you know me you know that I’m definitely not one to buy into hype. Whether it be make up, concerts, celebrities… I just see through the bull and unless it’s worth my time I’m not really interested. So the fact that I’m literally FAN-GIRL’ING over this make up line says A LOT!

What’s so different about this celebrity make up line? 


Is it worth the money?


  • 40 shades of foundation to suit every skin type
  • Affordable (similar prices to MAC and poplar make up brands)


  • Foundation could possibly be too matte for dry skin types
  • Cant be purchased everywhere – Only sold specifically in Sephora, or Harvey Nichols (UK)

The Verdict

I 100% recommend you try out Rihanna’s make up line.


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