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Kylie Jenner Goes Blonde & Gets Slated On Social Media #SadTimes

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Poor Kylie.

She recently posted some selfies on Instagram showing off a new blonde wig (welcome to the club Kylie #TeamBlonde) but I don’t think she got the response she was looking for.

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Instead of praising the 18-year-old for her new look, instead people took to Twitter to totally slate her, with many users comparing her to fellow American reality TV star from Mob Wives, Big Ang.

I’m not going to lie, there are some similarities (covers face). I’m all for lip fillers but they’re looking EXTRA big Kylie – slow it down a bit. Her hair looks gorgeous though.

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Check out the meme’s below…. One Twitter user even claimed Kylie now looks too old for her 24-year-old boyfriend Tyga. Ohhh the shame!

kylie Jenner Big Ange [www.ayshiaarmanionline.com]

kylie Jenner Big Ange 2 [www.ayshiaarmanionline.com]

kylie Jenner Big Ange 3 [www.ayshiaarmanionline.com]




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