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I thought as part of the Ayshia’s Diary section on here, it would be nice to make it a bit more, well… diary like.

So at the start of every month I’ll be putting together a wishlist of some of the stuff I really like and really, really want for the month. From clothes, to make up, gadgets, food… basically anything that comes to mind. Some may be ridiculously luxury and way out of my budget, or normal items that are a bit lighter on the bank balance.


It may be helpful in terms of trends, or brand new products for those of you who love fashion, the latest tech items, beauty products and just general lifestyle items.

There’s always going to be something that will catch your eye whether you’re male or female, and items that you may want to pick up for yourself. I’ll also be adding links of where to buy for each item – because I’m kind like that.

I’ll try my very best where possible to get you some discounts for the items I feature so if you do plan on buying them you can save yourself a few pennies, why? Because I love you that much! If you give me some feedback on the items you really like each month (via Twitter, Facebook or Instagram), I may even run a competition so you can get your hands on it for free.


Lastly, I’ll also be starting Monthly Favourites posts + videos too which you can have a look at here: Monthly Faves. My first wishlist post will be posted on the 1st of November so keep a look out.

P.S: If you’re feeling super generous, feel free to purchase anything from the lists and send it my way. I’m only one email away… *wink, wink*.

Hope You Enjoy!




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