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Luxury, Semi-Permanent Eyelashes in London

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Ever wonder how celebs like Kylie Jenner, Kim Karashian and your Instagram faves keep their lashes looking so long, thick and gorgeous? Well the secret is LASH EXTENSIONS.

Yes, many of these celeb do wear strip lashes from time to time but semi-permanent eyelash extensions have been a celebrity secret and luxury favourite of the rich and wealthy for decades.

Kylie Jenner is a big fan of lash extensions and has worn them for years…

What Are They?

Now there are various types of lash extensions that are offered in this day and age with another popular type being cluster lashes. These are often done by non-qualified technicians and passed off as semi-permanent, individual eyelash extensions and often end up not only falling out super quickly, but also damaging the lash of not applied correctly with the correct type of lash and glue and in general are only meant to be worn for a few days often for special occasions.

Lash extensions are a favourite of the famous & wealthy…

Do They Last?

With genuine semi-permanent eyelash extensions they will last up to 6 weeks and are attached safely to your natural eyelashes one by one – thus taking around 2 hours on average to apply… but totally worth it!


  • Safe for your eyelashes and doesn’t effect eyelash growth
  • No need for strip lashes or mascara!
  • Can be done for years without any issue
  • No pain when applying or removing lashes
  • A glam look with or without make up


  • Time (takes on average 2 hours for a full set)
  • May be expensive to some, depending on their budget

A great company I’d recommend for your semi-permanent lashes is my very own, Le Luxe London. Fully trained & qualified as well as providing an affordable service, and of course great, quality lashes. Find out more information about the company and what we offer below…

Le Luxe London

Enhancing your natural beauty

Our aim is to make you feel and look amazing with our range of luxury beauty treatments and products to help you look and feel fabulous.

We love luxury and pride ourselves on providing the best treatment & products as well as 5* customer service. We know there are dozens of semi-permanent lash & online beauty stores you may come across, especially in London… But we are one of the best.

Why? Not only do we leave you with the perfect lash, but we very much value you as a client and your experience with us, just as much as the end result. We like to build warm relationships with our clientele and from start to finish you will enjoy your luxurious lash treatment in a relaxing, clean and comfortable environment.

As they say you get what you pay for, so spend your time with us both online & in person and experience the full Le Luxe treatment as we help to enhance your natural beauty.

Luxe Lash Bar

We offer individual, semi-permanent eyelash extensions as well as party (cluster) lashes.

Take a look at our lash services to find out the different types of luxury lash extensions we offer before booking your lash appointment with us.

Le Luxe Shop

We have an online store providing you with some beauty essentials and strive to sell only the best quality products, so rest assured quality is what you’ll get with all Le Luxe London merchandise.

So get shopping, and get Luxe!

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