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Eek! Tyga Calls Ex Blac Chyna To Vent About Kylie Jenner?!

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Wow… so many stories have popped up lately about Tyga and Kylie Jenner’s relationship. And whilst there is always gossip and rumours out there that aren’t true – they do say there’s no smoke without fire.

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The new story is that Tyga is sick of Kylie and her childish ways, posting everything on Snapchat, being obsessed with social media, and her now enormous ego.

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According to Hollywoodlife a source close to the couple revealed all the juicy details:

“The “Pleazer” rapper “called Blac Chyna because he’s been bored out of his mind and [he’s been] having problems with Kylie.”

During this late night chat, Tyga told Black that Kylie “sometimes makes him feel like ‘scum’ because of where he’s at in his career,” . He also said that he thought Kylie’s ego was “way out of control” and that he couldn’t take it anymore! Oh no!

Unfortunately, it seems like Tyga and Kylie have been clashing a lot lately. They got into a fight over his career after Kylie compared him to Drake. They bickered over Kylie sharing everything on social media. These two even got into it over how he thought Kylie was acting like Blac Chyna — in a bad way! Tyga got so heated with Kylie one night that he decided to cool off by crashing at a friend’s house.

With all the fighting and dissing between Kylie, Tyga and Blac Chyna, it’s a big deal for Tyga to call up Blac for help. But, before fans think Tyga is once again trying to cheat on Kylie with his ex, the source explains, “didn’t talk sexual with Blac. He was just venting to her, and she listened.” Hopefully, Tyga got things off his chest and can now work it out with Kylie.

One source of Tyga’s frustrations could be how Kylie is dictating his career. Tyga was set to do a tour of Brazil, but she made him call it off! A press release from the Brazilian organizers reportedly said that Tyga canceled the tour because “he was stopped by his current girlfriend, media personality and socialite Kylie Jenner.” Dang. Tyga reportedly needed the money, too!

There are a lot of rumours out there that I just don’t believe BUT I honestly believe that most of this is true, and that he is getting increasingly annoyed with Kylie and a break up is definitely on the way.

Tyga obviously bored at lunch with Kylie

Tyga obviously bored at lunch with Kylie

He’s probably only sticking it out because she’s helping him to stay in the spotlight and we all know he definitely needs the publicity, what with his music career not doing so well at the moment.

Plus for Kylie, this is her first major boyfriend, and at only 18, along with being rich, famous, and hot commodity right now – he’s definitely disposable.

They’ll definitely break up next year – you heard it here first.



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